It is really easy as a modern family to lapse on areas of togetherness. Screen time is not only a battle I fight with my children, but with myself as well. When I was invited to stay at Spyglass Hill Villa over the Christmas break for a luxe stay-cation, I decided that we would take the opportunity to de-tech and get back to the grassroots of family time. The following is a list I compiled while we were there:



Many times when you embark on any form of travel with children it goes from being a “vacation” to being a “trip”. Or, as I like to put it: doing dishes and laundry, but in a fancier location. My favourite part about Spyglass was the 6-days-a-week maid service. Nothing is better than not having to pick up after your children when you are on a reconnection trip. Fresh towels, nicely made beds, and a clean kitchen each day let us focus more on enjoying one another and less on the technicalities of running a home.
If you want to take it a step further, you can do what we did and ask the villa manager to arrange private chef service for you. No need to cook? Winning.

Family Vacation AT Spyglass Hill Villa
I look joyful, but really I’m hoping Harrison doesn’t wake at 6am while on holiday.



Spyglass is not located on the beach like some of the other homes of its caliber, however, its removed location makes it perfect for privacy. Another cool thing about being on the cliffside– you literally have a spyglass perspective. The view really is one of the best on the island; every morning I woke up and took it in with renewed awe.A key tip to having a fabulous vacation is bringing your own manservant.

A key tip to having a fabulous vacation is bringing your own manservant.



The indoor/outdoor living space meant that my children could spend as much time as they wanted in the pool and I would be right there to watch them from the comfort of the sofa. It also meant that I could float around during the minuscule amount of alone time which any mother gets when on holiday with her children.

Please tell me that you remembered to run over and feed our pets back at home. Also, does this tropical cocktail have vodka in it?



During our stay, I realised how spacious the property really is. There are so many places to hang out and read a book or just lounge and enjoy the warmth of the sun. The children spent 50% of the holiday in the hammock. I mean, can you blame them?

When they found out we were staying at a villa, Savannah activated My Fair Lady. Harrison’s take on attire leans more toward the Rudyard Kipling variety.



Anyone who has children knows that there is usually a fight for the “best” bedroom when checking in to a villa. Spyglass eliminated the issue by having two identical master bedrooms with king-sized beds and en suite baths. Bingo. If you have a bigger family than we do, that’s okay. There are still two additional bedrooms as the villa sleeps eight.

We definitely look like the parents of children who get along all the time here.